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Marble Run

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Marble Run is Truly luxurious and artistic, this pendant light is designed to be the highlight of any indoor space that it adorns. The ultra-modern components of this lamp boast of expert craftsmanship and add elegance and beauty to any space. Its uniquely understated and modular construction allows it to complement modern home decor. This light is also remote controlled and can be adjusted to suit your mood and lighting needs.

Effortlessly brighten up your bedroom or living room with this wonderfully minimalist light.

  • Made of silicone and steel
  • LED lights included
  • Remote controlled (Dimmable model only)
  • 3 Adjustable light colors: Natural, cool and warm white
  • Installation: Wedge mount
  • Available in multiple elegant shapes and sizes
  • Height: 150cm Adjustable suspension.

Size Guide:

  Centimeters Inches Watts
Single (Small) L40 x W20cm L15.7" x W7.9" 20W
Single (Large) L60 x W30cm

L23.6" x W11.8"

Double (Small) L60 x W30cm, L40 x W20cm

L23.6" x W11.8", L15.7" x W7.9"

Double (Large) L80 x W40cm, L60 x W30cm

L31.5" x W15.7", L23.6" x W11.8"

Triple (Small) L80 x W40, L60 x W30, L40 x W20

L31.5" x W15.7", L23.6" x W11.8", L15.7" x W7.9"

Triple (Large) L100 x W50, L80 x W40, L60 x W30

L39.4" x W19.7", L31.5" x W15.7", L23.6" x W11.8"




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